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  • Birds – Selous Bird Watching


    The Selous game reserve is a bird-watcher’s paradise with over 440 bird species. The river banks offer important habitat for resident and migratory birds. Common birds in the Selous game reserve are waders and weavers.

    Some of the bird species you can see in this area include the Crested Lark, African Snipe, Green-headed Oriole, Bataleur Eagle, Kingfishers, Knob-billed Duck, Geese, Herons and the Southern Ground Hronbill. During the dry season you might see the African skimmer nestling on the river’s sandbanks and Fish eagles sitting on wild palm trees.

    Choose special bird watching with Ngalawa Camp!

    Our special safari for bird watching can be arranged with us or  many local and foreign safari operators in Tanzania, and will guide you to a very hidden areas where you will be able to find different birds.