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  • Map of Selous

    This map shows the northern part of the Selous Game Reserve, in Tanzania. Note the river networks (coloured blue), which centre on the Rufiji River – which enters from the south, and exits off the map to the east. Also see the railway line that passes through the park, and the network of gravels tracks – for which ‘road’ seems to fancy a term, colored in red.

    map of selous game reserveAs you’ll see, most of the safari camps are gathered relatively close to the network of lakes and water-ways fed by the Rufiji River. This is generally where the higher game densities are during the dry season, and it’s shown particularly well as a deep green area on our Google map of the Selous – an interactive map of the park where precise safari camps and lodges are all plotted precisely on satellite photographs. Ngalawa Camp is also located along the area near Mloka Village.