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  • Mloka village

    Mloka Village is a small village just near the Selous Game Reserve gate, with a population of around 2000 to 3000 all living on the a very basic life. Most People in this village depend on Rufiji River fishing to run their life.
    The Rufiji River on this side is boarder between the Mloka Village and Selous Game Reserves, small shops are available for Camps inside and outside the park.campaaa

    selous-mloka-villageMost young people who provide labor to the Selous based camps come from this village. Here you don’t see much of agricultural activities except on along the Great Rufiji River backs. Agricultural along this river is merely for domestic use and little commercial. Green vegetables are available for the camps in Selous. Domestic fishing is also being done in Rufiji river though not encouraged with the Selous Game Reserves authority. There are several campsites in this village mainly based near by the river.

    VILLAGE TRIP: (Offered from the Main Camp on the Rufiji River visiting Mloka Village, or from the Kisaki Annex visiting Kisaki Village). Visit a local village on the outskirts of the Selous Game Reserve, and walk around on the farms, seeing the different crops planted by the villagers in this area, and maybe even the difficulties of running a small farm near a Game Reserve.

    On the village trip we also visit the local school and may be invited into local homes as well as join into village dances if they are being held as well as the odd football match might be visited
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