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    Selous Game Reserve is a wonderfully park where lots of things or activities could be done, walking, cultural tour, game drive, boat are among things that a tourists will enjoy to see compared to some other parks which can not be able to offer.

    Boat Safaris
    Exploring the different channelsand lakes of the Rufiji River system, surrounded by hippos and crocodiles, is an experience of a lifetime.
    On boat safaris one will also be able to do a lot of “water birding”.
    A large variety of herons, storks, ducks, stilts & other water birds may seen and observed.

    Cultural Visits
    You can visit a local village on the outskirts of the Selous Game Reserve, and walk around on the farms, seeing the different crops planted by the villagers in this area, and maybe even the difficulties of running a small farm near a Game Reserve.
    On the village trip we also visit the local school and may be invited into local homes as well as join into village dances if they are being held as well as the odd football match might be visited.
    Game Drives
    This is the classic style of Safari exploring the bush.
    The vehicles are specially designed open 4 × 4. Equipped with Radio Calls & other features to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
    In this safari it is possible to cover the largest area in a short time, increasing the chances of seeing a variety of animals & sights.
    Game Drives can also be tailored to be done over a half day or a full day including packed lunch in the bush.

    Hot Springs & Selous Grave

    There are several Hot Springs or “Maji Moto” as they are called in Kiswaheli, hidden within the Beho Beho Hills and surroundings in the Selous Game Reserve.

    Some of these Hot springs are easy to reach by vehicle or by a small walk into a ravine surrounded by lush vegetation.

    Hot sulphurous water flows from the rocks, pours down the mountain in little streams forming a series of picturesque pools. A Hot Spring like this one has been the source of that legendary water which was supposed to have made the warriors of the 1905 “Maji Maji” uprising invulnerable against the bullets of the German colonial troops.

    On the way to the Hot Springs one will pass the Grave of Frederic Courtney Selous, a naturalist, explorer, hunter and soldier, who was killed in 1917, during World War One near the Beho Beho Hills. Along the entire safari one will be able to watch game as well.

    Walking Safaris
    There can be little to compare with a walk in the bush. The sights and sounds(and smells!) of a walking safari will long live in the memory.
    The thrill of creeping up to animals and then to “shoot” the animal not with a gun but with your camera, is a great experience.
    On a Walking safari, you are accompanied at all times by an expert tracker or guide.
    Walking safaris can be tailored to a persons wish, as distances and temperature are to be considered for each person.
    Walks do not cover, as much distance as drives, so one may not see as many animals. But a walking safari takes interest into smaller things, such as birds, bugs, trees, flowers or tracks. Although you may come across bigger Game as well.