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  • Walking Safari

    walking safariWe also offer  a nature Walking Safari bordering the Reserve  and Wildness Walking Safari inside the Reserve .Walking Safari will give you a particularly intimate feel for the African wilds, It starts in the morning with a guidance of an army ranger, takes 2 hours and offers a good chance of seeing Giraffe , Zebra , Warthog and good  birding.

    Tanzania classifies its wild areas in different ways, each with different rules – meaning that the practices, and standards, of walking safaris differ widely. We have some first-rate walking safaris in Tanzania, with great guides – chosen, as usual, by seeing them first hand. Some of the real stars are the walking safaris done on fly-camping trips.
    Walks in the National Parks have to abide by the strict rules laid out by TANAPA (Tanzanian National Park Authorities); these rules have been put in place to make walking as safe as possible. No more than six guests are able to go on a walk at any one time; and they must be accompanied by at least one experienced guide, who must stick to specific walking routes. These regulations are however relatively new to Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves; and so we would only recommend walking from camps that we know have a consistent record for reliably good walking safaris, and well established guides.

    Tanzania’s Game Reserves are run by a slightly more relaxed organization called the Game Division whose regulations are less clear – this has created a disparity in walking safari standards. Walking Safaris are hugely dependent on how experienced and knowledgeable the guide is – they can therefore be a bit hit-and-miss.

    More Information about Selous Game Reserve:

    Selous: the activities
    Standard daytime game drives are just the beginning.  The Selous also offers some of the finest boating safaris in Africa, along with some of the very best walking operations on the continent, including in particular at Siwandu, Beho Beho and Sand Rivers Selous.  There are also a number of operators here who run fly camping trips, comprising lengthy walking safaris and mobile camping under the stars – very adventurous and a romantic idea for a Tanzania Honeymoon but not for the faint-hearted!